Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Writers' Wednesday: Contest Links and More!

Helllloooo writers! (OK, and readers too). Today, a few links for you: 

Lyrical Press is featuring several books this month at their newly revamped website store - 50% off! Click here to shop.

Speaking of Lyrical Press, they're holding their 2nd annual "How Lyrical is Your Romance?" Contest Here's more info:

The entry with highest average score will receive a $100 Advance and publishing contract with Lyrical Press, Inc. Highest-average scoring entry from each category will receive a 25-page edit and a revision letter from an acquiring editor.
Categories are as follows:
· Contemporary Romance· Romantic Suspense· Historical Romance· Paranormal Romance
Entries accepted from Feb. 1-10, 2013

Deadline to enter:

And finally, Winning Writers is a website that has even more information on writing contests and publishing opportunities. Check out their complete site for all the details.
Happy Writing!

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