Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Fun Facts: An A+ Note from a Reviewer

It's always awesome to read reviews of our books, right? But it's also cool to hear the words *behind* a review, and I was lucky enough to have my assistant forward me an email the other day that had just that. This review won't post until next week, but the reviewer wrote to say this, about Inferno of Love:

   This novel is by far one of the best reads that we have had the pleasure of reading! Sometimes as reviewers and as readers we forget why we began reading books in the first place as often modern day novels are often repeats of prior plots or common characters and that alone can sometimes go tiring. This was not the case with Boniface's novel. She remind us of what we truly love about a great book, the plot and the romance!

  On behalf of our team we want to personally say thank you for giving us the opportunity to review Inferno of Love and we hope that you will continue to pass along to us new reviews to share with our readers.

  The rating that we have given Inferno of Love is 4/5 hearts which means it was close to being named a perfected read. 

Heart-warming, to be sure :) Have you picked up your discounted copy of this book

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