Saturday, March 17, 2007

There's a Certain Slant of Light

"There's a certain Slant of light, Winter Afternoons--
That oppresses, like the Heft Of Cathedral Tunes--"
-Emily Dickinson

This was the scene outside my kitchen window Friday around 8 am:

Notice, in case you didn't in the first pic, the daffodils that are beginning to show:

And this is the scene outside my kitchen window this morning around 8 am:



And not that there's any connection (or is there??), if you're interested, head on over to this site and sign up to be on Al Gore's petition when he speaks to Congress about the dangers of global warming.

Have you seen "An Inconvenient Truth" yet? It might just change the way you think about a couple of things...


Mary Lou said...

Bob and I were saying the same thing when we looked out the window and saw the crocus coming up while watching the news informing us that 12 to 18 inches of snow was on the way.
There has to be a lot of validity to Al Gore's message.
With that said, I hope you enjoyed your Friday.

Marianne Arkins said...

Gah... I know!! I was outside cleaning up my gardens and WEEDING on Thursday and now we're buried. Argh...

Julia Temlyn said...

I just wanted to say that your photos are lovely, and I love your bay window! I would love one of those!