Thursday, March 15, 2007

What Day Is It, Anyway??

"Are you Master of your Domain?"
"I am King of the County. You?"
"Lord of the Manor."
"I'm Queen of the castle!"

~from "The Contest" Seinfeld episode

Do you know that all day yesterday, I thought it was Thursday? I even dragged the recyclables to the bottom of the driveway when I got home after work, and hubby looked at me when I was finished and said, “You know it’s only Wednesday, right? They don’t pick up ‘til Friday.”

Of course I know that. I mean, we’ve lived in this house for over a year now. And yet still, somehow this week has felt as though it was 100 days long.

Anyway, I’m excited, because today after work I’m coming straight home and writing (this is definitely a treat, because usually I’m trying to squeeze some writing time in after dinner, past 8:00 or so). I finished all my little after-work errands, worked out extra hard at the gym all this week, so I could give myself today off.

So this afternoon, I’m settling in for a couple good hours’ work on One Night in Memphis, my next 24-hour novel and the latest WIP.

What about you? When do you find time to write? Early morning? Late at night? In fits and starts throughout the day? And do you ever “treat” yourself to extra writing time?

For a good laugh, here’s a remember-when from Seinfeld, one of my favorite shows from the 90s. Remember the “Master of my Domain” episode? Sure you do. And the brilliant thing about it is the way the viewer knows exactly what the characters are talking about, without them ever mentioning anything specifically. Enjoy!


Nicole said...

I take time whenever I can get it, which is usually not until late at night. I'm a night person, so this works well for me.

Lately, though, I've been doing a lot more editing than creative writing, so I'm looking forward to writing some scenes that need developing!

Let us know how your extra writing time goes!

Andrea said...

I'm a night person too. It's the best time for writing, peace and quiet.

TripletsMom said...

First, I love that Seinfeld episode. As an added quote, rememember Kramer walking into Jerry's apartment, slamming his money on the counter and announcing, "I'm out!" So funny!

Now, to answer your question, I usually work on writing my nonfiction book during my 2-year old triplets' nap and I work on my blog entries at night after they go to bed. In between all the other stuff I have to do each day, sometimes I get an hour to write, sometimes I get two or three (those are great days).

Talia Mana, Centre for Emotional Well-Being said...

Yesterday it WAS Thursday - we're a day ahead of you.

Ummm I've only written once in the last couple of months unless you count blogging.

Marilyn said...

I used to get much more writing done when my first child was a small baby. Now she's a toddler and into everything. She thinks it's fun to slam her fists onto my laptop. My main writing time is early in the morning and the hour during Sesame Street.