Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Two For Tuesday

"In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt."
~Margaret Atwood

Duets today, anyone?

Two sites for you to visit:

My updated Spring Reading Thing post, since I finished The Nanny Diaries last weekend and posted a review there,


My brand-new author page at The Wild Rose Press! (It’s not very lengthy, but I figure they’re saving the space at the bottom for all my covers over the next couple of years…)

Two pictures that tell us spring has finally arrived:

Daffodils struggling toward the sun
(we replaced the pool deck steps last summer, not realizing that the previous owners had planted flowers at the foot of the original ones...)

And painted toes ready for sandal season!

One final reminder:

Remember, tomorrow is Writers’ Wednesday, which means when you leave a comment, you’ll be entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift certificate!

See you then!


Marianne Arkins said...

I painted my toenails for the first time on Sunday! Welcome spring (but... you really should move those poor daffodils... and they're deer resistant, so put them where the critters are).


robynl said...

I love painted toe/finger nails, sandals and an anklet in the summer.

Allie Boniface said...

Marianne, My husband said the same thing about the flowers. They do look pretty pathetic, don't they? :)

Teresa said...

I love the smell after a Spring rain. It smell so clean and fresh. I also like the smell after the ground has just been plowed.


Andres said...

How did those print outs from Vistaprint turn out? I run a print company and we like to know how our competition is holding up. :)