Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New TV!

Today, we take a break from your regularly scheduled Writers' Wednesday posts (since it's the first week of school, and I'm slacking a author interview next week!) to bring you this trivial discusssion of what's uppermost on my mind:

With the start of school, along with early mornings, sore feet and throats (all that talking the first few days!), packed lunches, new names of students to learn, does come a bonus: the beginning of new seasons of television shows.

So which ones am I looking forward to?

Prison Break - my top favorite fall show. I can't wait to see the new season! Eye candy aside, the writing in seasons so far has been great: great characters, conflict, dialogue, etc.

The Office - I fell in love with this show over the summer after I watched the back seasons. Terribly funny & well=acted, with just enough of a love interest to keep me coming back for me.

Grey's Anatomy - I'm willing to give it another chance, even though it lost my interest toward the end of last season (please, enough with the whining, Meredith). I might check out the spin-off, Private Practice, too. We'll see.

And other shows that I'll probably tune in to, though they aren't in my Top 3:

How I Met Your Mother (only when it doesn't conflict with Prison Break)
Two and a Half Men (this show is hilarious, really. Sometimes I fall off the couch, I'm laughng so hard)
Survivor - yes, I'm still a semi-fan. It's the only reality show I watch.
Cold Case - One of my favorite cop shows.

Finally, I'm toying with the idea of trying out Dancing with the Stars. I know it's hugely popular, but I've never seen even one episode. Anyone highly recommend it?

So I guess that's about it. We'll see what new shows pop up and catch my eye. What TV shows are you waiting to see?


Ceri said...

I love love love love The Office!!! I've been watching it for just over a year now and it's such a squee worthy show, especially Pam and Jim. Oh, the angst! I can't wait til it comes back on this month.

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MaryF said...

I'm giving Grey's another chance, too, but I don't care about the spin-off. I also LOVE The Office. I'm looking forward to new Supernatural and Jericho.

Marianne Arkins said...

"Heroes" for sure... what an amazing show.

"The Closer" ... only it's about done for the year :-(

"Eureka" has to be my favorite all time show -- if I could only watch one thing, this would be the one.

"NCIS" -- LOVE the characters on this show. What an amazing job they've done with this ensemble.

"American Idol" of course. And I'm considering "Dancing With The Stars" this year, just because of the participants.

Hmmm... guess I watch more TV than I thought!


Diane Craver said...

I like Cold Case a lot but tape it since it's on the same time as Desperate Housewives. I like Grey's Anatomy but not sure about Private Practice. I didn't like How I Met Your Mother at first but now I love it.

I'm glad Friday Night Lights will be on again - great drama, well-written and wonderful actors.

Dru said...

The only new show that I definitely want to see is THe Women's Murder Club.

My favorites that I can't wait for: Two and a Half Men, Bones, CSI:NY, CSI, L&O Criminal Intent, Without A Trace, Cold Case, Criminal Mind.

I will miss my summer cable shows: The Closer and Burn Notice.

Ceri said...

Well, since we're adding more...

Men In Trees- Loooove it! Very cute and James Tupper is enough to inspire any romance writer!

Eureka-One of my all time favorites. So clever and Jack Carter is a hoot.

Lost-I'm completely hooked despite their horrid schedule and the feeling of being yanked around. More eye candy in Sawyer.

Jericho-I'm relieved they'll be bringing it back even for just a little bit.

Supernatural-Jensen Ackles. Oh, and the storylines are really good. And Jensen Ackles. He's my Matt from one of my stories.

And I might have to watch Private Practice because of Tim Daly.

yes, I like my shows to have some eye candy.