Monday, October 01, 2007

Why I Teach

Happy October 1!

So first off, I'm happy because I worked through about 4 chapters of my WIP yesterday and actually had time to devote to making changes and writing new stuff. Titled Summer's Song, it's about 95K words now, and though I plan on making some major changes, I still love the fact that I have a lot to work with and that I like a lot of what's there. It's easier (for me anyway) to revise something that already exists than come up with something brand new. Maybe I'm just weird that way.


Last Friday, I was setting up an activity for my students when I overheard a piece of their conversation: "Man, I love this class. It's like - remember when you were in kindergarten, and you loved going to school every day because it was fun? That's what this class is like."

Me, smiling (well, except for the really high blonde hair and the weird purple shirt...I don't think I own anything quite that color):

Of course, this particular class is a dream to teach: super-achieving seniors who are interested and motivated and exploring the field of education. I also teach English to high school seniors, and on most days, they' little less enthusiastic about seeing me. But they're all still teenagers, so if I can hear a few of them say that school and learning is actually fun, then that's all I need.

And by the way! It's Borders' annual Educators' Savings Week, through tomorrow, October 2. Anyone who's a current or retired educator (and this includes those of you who home school or teach Sunday School) gets 25% off everything in the store. I'm going after school today to stock up!

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