Sunday, September 30, 2007

Writing Vs. Promoting and Why There are only 24 Hours in a Day...

Hmm...well, it's one of those Sundays where I'm up earlier than I wanted to be. I have a lot of writing I'm hoping to get done today, but that will be in between grocery shopping and helping hubby with the siding and doing some promotional work as well. I've discovered in the last few weeks, though, I that I'm spending WAY too much time on promotion and not enough writing.

It's tough when you have only one book out: you want to promote so people will buy it, and so your publisher will see your worth to the company, but then again, if you run out of time to write your next book, then you don't have that much to offer your publisher anyway. Frustrating.

A quick reminder:

It starts tomorrow, and should be a lot of fun, so join in! And now I'm WRITE, dammit. :)


bunnygirl said...

You've summed up the reason I decided to jump off the query-go-round for awhile. I have something I think I can get traditionally published, but I can spend my time querying or spend it writing and pursuing other creative interests.

Good luck on finding that balance!

Diane Craver said...

That's the problem I've had. I spend so much time promoting my 3 books that I haven't had time to finish my new book. I've decided to stop doing some of the promo things that take so much time.

I hope you get everything done on your list today. I wanted to write today but we're closing the pool.

Dru said...

good luck on your writing.

Rebecca said...

it's a tricky balance. Particularly because its very hard to see how much benefit your promotion efforts are having.(if any!)