Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Endings

It's amazing to me how much cruelty there is in the world :( I think that's why I write, and like, stories with happy endings.

This story, while a sad one, also has its very own happy ending: 200 dogs were recently rescued from a horrible puppy mill in VA. They were covertly bought by animal rescuers and then driven through the night to a no-kill shelter in NY. This is, by the way, the same shelter where I started volunteeting a few months ago.

Last night I got an email from the director: "We are up to our eyeballs in puppy poop! Any volunteers that can help give some extra hours, please contact us!"

So guess where I will be the next few days? (And any of my local friends reading this, they need new volunteers, too! Email me if you want to help out) But it's all good, if it helps the poor animals feel better in their brand new, first real "home."


Fingers crossed for the Indians-Red Sox playoff game tonight, because it's gonna be a tough one. The Sox have their best pitcher up, so we'll see...


And how cute is this guy? I stole borrowed him from Marianne, and I will most definitely need to give him a permanent place on my sidebar. Right now, this is where I am in (revising) my current WIP, Summer's Song. Feelin' pretty good about it, too!


Diane Craver said...

That's wonderful 200 dogs were rescued. Photo is so cute! Hope the Indians win tonight! You're doing great on your word count.

bunnygirl said...

That's wonderful about the animal rescue! I hope every one of those dogs get to have a happy home.

dog house noah said...

Adorable little dog!
That's nice of you to volunteer for a very good cause. May those dogs have a house or home of their own.