Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Have Nothing Important to Say Today

Of course, this is assuming I have important things to say on every other day I blog. I suppose they might be important to me, but to anyone else? Hmm...probably less so. :)

I guess I could write about the fact that I was up until 2 am watching the Indians-Red Sox playoff game (they pulled off a nail-biter, winning in the 11th inning!!). I suppose "watching" isn't really the right word, though, since hubby and I came back from dinner last night to find that our TV satellite doesn't work. At all. No matter what. And it will cost $50 for a technician to come out and tell us why. I was NOT a happy camper. Thank goodness has a real-time score page, which even updates itself so you don't have to keep clicking "Refresh."

Or I could write about how I finally put down The Time Traveller's Wife yesterday, 265 pages in (of 500+). I. Couldn't. Do. It. Lovely story, fairly interesting plot, but it just moved too slowly for me. Ah well. I hate not finishing books.

I guess I could also write about how I worked through about 3 chapters of my WIP yesterday. That was a good feeling.

Or about how great it was that Al Gore won a Nobel Prize for his work with raising awareness about global warming. Now that must have been a good feeling!

Or I could just stop blogging now, get on with all the things I have to do today, and wish you all a happy Sunday!

Come back tomorrow. I'll have something more important to say.



Marianne Arkins said...

I managed to finish "The Time Travellers Wife", but wasn't impressed with it. That was frustrating, considering all the great things I'd heard about it.

Sorry about your TV :-(

Dru said...

So far what you had to say sounds interesting to me.

Indians pulled out a nail-biter, yeah Indians. Since my team is out, I don't watch the games, but love to see the scores.

Bummer about your TV, should the cost of the technician be included in the cost of you doing business with the satelitte company?

I hope you have a good Sunday. Is there another game today?

Alice Teh said...

I have "The Time Traveller's Wife" in TBR... I hope to read it soon and see if its readable...

Allie Boniface said...

I agree, Dru - I think the service call should be covered under what we pay every month for the darn satellite. Everyone wants $$$$$, don't they??

Luckily, the next game isn't until Monday - travel day today!

Michael said...

Working through three chapters must have been a good a feeling! Two days ago I worte one page, and I was so happy that I'd done any writing at all...