Friday, April 25, 2008


Happy Friday, everyone! Welcome to my Feast...

Name something you would categorize as weird.

You know those little hairless dogs with snaggle teeth and a sprout of hair on top of their heads? They're weird. Lovable, perhaps, since I once knew someone who owned one, but still weird.

What color was the last piece of food you ate?

Red: a yummy apple.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy being alone?

Oh, I've always loved my alone-time. 10, definitely.

Main Course
Fill in the blank: I will _________ vote for ___________ in _______.

I will always vote for chocolate in a bakery full of dessert options. (Hah - what did you think I was going to say?)

Describe your sleeping habits.

Hmm...well, I try to get at least 7 hours a night, I usually sleep on my right side or my back, and I only wake up if and when my cats are screwing around in some dark corner of the room (which, in fact, happened last night: they'd cornered a mouse at 4 am.)

Have a great day!


mamichelle said...

Your feast cracked me up! TGIF.

I still have your book on my list to get.

Judy Thomas said...

Happy Friday! My brain was dead this morning from rewriting a story (an editor wants me to up the emotional layer and she'll look at it again.. so yay!) and ALL I could think of was politics.
Good for you for thinking outside the box :-)

Fun stuff with kitties and meeses, huh?

Have a great weekend. How much longer til school is out?

Dru said...

Nice feast and I agree with you about the hairless dog.

Virginia said...

I always enjoy your feast. Keep them coming. It must be nice to sleep 7 hours and not wake up. I wouldn't know what that was like.

windycindy said...

I think I get about 5 hours sleep a night. It is my own fault. What can I
say?! I am a night owl. The chocolate is usually my choice, also! Enjoy your weekend.....Cindi

Alice Teh said...

I'm also a 10 on being alone. Happy weekend!

Laane said...

Hunting cats. Wow!

Welcome to party at my feast ::here::
Have a great weekend!