Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Writers' Wednesday: An Interview with Pam Thibodeaux

Welcome to another version of Writers' Wednesday! (Yes, even from the warm shores of Florida, I'm featuring authors). Today, enjoy finding out all about inspirational romance author Pam Thibodeaux!

Hi, Pam, and thanks for being here today! Can you tell us a little about your background?

I am a housewife, mother, grandmother and full-time Insurance Sales Producer. A native of Louisiana, I am also the Co-Founder, President and Treasurer of Bayou Writers’ Group in Lake Charles.

When did you first begin writing? Was there an event or moment in your life that triggered your desire to write?

I began writing over 25 yrs. Ago after reading one-too-many disappointing romances. I figured that I could do better. A mite arrogant as it turns out because though writing may be fairly easy, writing well isn’t necessarily so.

I think we all make that discovery at some point! Tell us about your latest writing project or published title.

My latest published novel is The Inheritance, (which is available in Ebook and Print) but I also have a couple of short stories (Rosettes) either available or coming soon –all from The Wild Rose Press’ White Rose (Inspirational) line. I also have 3 out of my 5-part ‘Tempered’ series available from ComStar Media—also in Ebook and Print!

What terrific success so far! So, how do you go about developing your characters?

Well, Allie, I am a SOTP (seat of the pants) writer so I don’t’ always know much about my characters before I start writing, but we get to know each other pretty well in the process.

What advice would you give to new writers just starting out?

If you want to make money, write for the market—research, study extensively and write what sells. For any other reason, write from your heart and trust God to open doors for the publication of your works.

Important question, now: What do you find most difficult about writing? What do you find most exciting or rewarding?

For me the most difficult part about writing is editing. I love creating that first draft! That is when I just let it all flow. However, we all know that not many first drafts are perfect….therefore the editing/cleanup (ie; work) is a necessary evil in having a publishable book.

How do you balance writing with the rest of your life?

Since I work full-time outside of the home, I write mostly in the mornings, evening and on weekends. However sometimes I just let it all go and spend time with family—especially my husband and granddaughter. I’d spend equal time with my grandson if he lived closer.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book(s)?

That you can write the book of your heart and in due season, it will get published.

When you write do you use the computer or compose by hand, oral dictation, or some other method?

Computer –though occasionally I’ll print something and continue by hand if I’m going to be somewhere that a computer is not available.

Thanks for a great interview, Pam. Anything else you’d like to mention to readers?

First, I’d like to thank God for my success then, I’d like to thank all of my friends, family and fans for their continued support of my career. You ALL are the wind beneath my wings! I’d also like to encourage new writers to NEVER GIVE UP! Writing is a gift and a talent….don’t bury your talent or hide your gift.

Thank You, Allie for taking the time to create such wonderful and informative interview questions and for offering this opportunity to writers to share their lives with others!

You're very welcome...readers, make sure to visit Pam's website today and peruse her selection of books - and have a great day!


windycindy said...

Good Day! It is a beautiful day here in IL. I had better enjoy it because it is supposed rain tomorrow. Thanks for the introduction to this wonderful lady/writer! Cindi

Virginia said...

Great interview. I have been to Pam's website and have one of her books. She is a great author.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

All I can say is WOW! Allie.

Thank you so much and THANK YOU Virginia!


Kara Lynn Russell said...

I've read The Inheritance and it is wonderful. Pam's other books and stories are on my TBR list.