Thursday, November 06, 2008

A New Romance Writing Site

Just a quick news flash today, as I'm feeling rather under the weather:

A new erotic romance e-publisher is launching on December 1 at You can find out more information at their Press Release too.

Here's some info on their pre-launch contest:

The TwittErotica Contest is online now and we’re looking for as many submissions as possible. Here are the guidelines:

Ravenous Romance™ TwittErotica Contest

Are u the Twitter Master? Can u get ur message out in 140 characters or less? If so, then prove it. We challenge u to put ur fingers to ur twit & send us ur hot, erotic short, but remember, short is the key... it has 2 fit in2 140 chrctrs...or less! Check back on Dec 1 to read all entries + the winning Tweet!

Winner receives a $15 gift certificate to Ravenous Romance = 3 novels or 15 shorts!

Ready, set...tweet!

If that's your thing, give it a try. Remember, contest wins boost name recognition, so especially if you're an unpubbed writer, it might be fun to see how you do.

Finally, it looks as though they're giving away an iPod too. Contest rules are here. Good luck!

And now I'm off to consume lots of tea, zinc, and Vitamin C, in the efforts to stave off this cold that is quickly wearing me down.

Oh, and I'm celebrating the historic election, too: no matter which candidate you voted for, I hope everyone can appreciate the momentous cultural milestone that November 4, 2008 now represents. Pretty amazing.


Marianne Arkins said...

I'm sorry you caught my germ...

Dru said...

Feel better soon.

Diane Craver said...

I have a second cold - barely got over the first one. Hope you feel better soon.

By the way, check out my blog. I gave you an "award".

Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh, dear. Feel better soon.

Liz said...

Feel better..