Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Mentionables: Win a SONY eReader!

Hey all, yesterday was my day as featured author over at Tilly's Greene's blog, and every comment during this ENTIRE month enters you to win a SONY hop on over, read, and comment if you'd like! (I have to admit: reading comments from people I don't know, who've read and enjoyed my other books, is still such a thrill :)


I'm pleased to say that we have found homes for all 6 kittens that have been growing up in and around our garage these last few weeks! Can't believe how big they've gotten: check out these pictures!

Stretched out in a flowerbox (apparently the towel-lined boxes weren't good enough. or dirty enough)

Sometimes, flowerpots are even preferable to flower boxes...

And even better with a friend

Of course, exploring the world outside is nice too...


Marianne Arkins said...

Still love that little tortie... wish I had lived just a little bit closer!!

Heading over to Tilly's blog now.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Oh the kittens are soooo cute! And I really enjoyed your visit over at Tilly's Place.