Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Mentionables: Audio Books and Sneak Peek Releases!

Happy Monday, everyone! Exciting news to mention this morning is that The Promise of Paradise is now available in audio book! If you're going on vacation and are looking for some escape listening, this is your perfect chance :) Or if you know friends who enjoy audio books, please share the news with them. It's discounted, too - OR you can get it free with Audible's 30-day trial. (Plus I have to add that my narrator is awesome. Click on the sample to hear her voice!)

Now for my question of the day. I am exploring the possibility of indie publishing the follow-up novel to Beacon of Love, called Inferno of Love. While I was offered a traditional contract, accepting it means you, lovely readers, won't see it in ebook for at least another year, and in print, probably 1.5 years+. I would love to release it earlier, and since I've gone through the indie publishing experience with The Promise of Paradise, I feel confident that I can do it again.

Here's my question: if Inferno of Love was available in print and you could pre-order it, would you do so? Would you pay extra to have a signed copy that was released early, and only to a select number of readers? Or are you happy with ebook releases? I'm playing around with a marketing plan that will allow readers to help me shape the story (to a certain extent) and then be rewarded with having early sneak peeks to the novel, including a chance to read it before the regular buying public.

I'd love to know what you think!


Mom said...

You know me. I'd prefer an early release print book.

JL Walters said...

Since my favorite publisher has the books up sometimes within days of sending them and never longer than a month, early release means nothing to me. Had a friend new to my favorite publisher. Her book needed extensive revisions yet the book went up within two months of submitting

Allie Boniface said...

JL, as I'm sure you know, that's the exception in the publishing world rather than the norm. The question could remain the same, though: if you had a favorite author, would you pay extra $ to have his/her next book before everyone else? True, if you only have to wait 2 months anyway, it might not matter. But in most of publishing, authors can wait 6-18 months before their book comes out. So I'm wondering if readers had the option to get it, say, 3-6 months before anyone else, would they want to?