Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Writers' Wednesday: Free Samples of The Promise of Paradise

Happy Hump Day!

Just a quick note today, as I'm busy writing and planning and doing lots of fun creative stuff while I still have the time (you know, before school starts up again):

The Promise of Paradise is now available at Smashwords! What does this mean? Good news for everyone who doesn't have a Kindle. Smashwords releases e-books in a variety of formats, so you can find something that's compatible with just about every e-reader out there.

Even better, you can read a sample of the book before you buy! Click on the cover below to see the main page and do just that:

Remember, this book is also newly available in audio book too! If you have a long trip planned and need something to listen to, why not give it a try? You know you'll get a happy ending. And please share with others you know who are avid listeners as well! Click on this link to hear a sample - I love this narrator!!

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