Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Fun Facts: Sometimes It's Better to Take a Day Off

TGIF! If you're interested in knowing a little "behind the scenes" action of the cover design for The Promise of Paradise, designer Amy Gamet is featuring me on her blog today. Stop by and visit :)

Also, I'm super-happy to announce that I've hired both an editor and a cover designer for Inferno of Love, so (fingers crossed) you will be able to read that book by the end of this year!! I'm aiming for a holiday 2013 release, AND I'm going to release it in print and e-book, simultaneously, so if you still prefer the feel of the pages in your hand, never fear! You'll have this one just the way you like it.

And if you didn't see it on my Facebook page yesterday, this is what I spent the day doing, instead of writing - hubby and I hiked all around this gorgeous state park, which is just 1/2 hour from our backyard. Sometimes it's better to get away from the keyboard, away from the stories and the characters running around inside my head, and just relax and enjoy Mother Nature. A perfect day!

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