Sunday, March 30, 2008

Scenes from the Auto Show

So we survived yesterday's trip to NYC, which was actually quite enjoyable despite the thousands of people who also decided to go to the Auto Show. We took the train, then crossed the Hudson River on the ferry - fun and easy.

At the show, of course, "green" vehicles were a big focus, along with any feature that could make your car/truck easier to use. We also saw some interesting "concept" cars of the future, as well as some overly made-up spokesmodels teetering around in super-high heels and teeny tiny skirts.

Here are a (very few) pictures of what we saw (spokesmodels not included, sorry):

Very sleek concept car by Land Rover

Smart Car - hubby wants one of these in the worst way - seriously! They get around 40 mpg and, of course, can squeeze into any possible parking space. They also have 70 horsepower. You can put your name on a waiting list now to get one in 9 months...

Crazy display of Scions...all I could think was, how did they get them all up there??

An "Air Car" - that, yes, you guessed it, can supposedly both fly and drive. Real thing = $500,000. Kit that looks like the real thing = $45,000

Concept vehicle by Jeep. No idea what it's actually supposed to be.

60th anniversary edition of the Ford F150 - did you know it's been the #1 selling truck in this country for 31 years?? Talk about figuring out how to brand yourself...

Electric car actually used in NYC

Corvette suspended above the display was pretty cool.


Just a couple of notes before I go:

1. Today starts another round of excerpts over at Samhain's Spring Showers Event - and today you'll find one from my brand-new book, just contracted by Samhain and due out this summer: One Night in Memphis!

2. Tomorrow ends the March book-blog giveaway, which means one lucky commenter will receive a copy of Jenna Kernan's historical romance, Outlaw Bride (just released in Feb 2008). I'll announce the winner here on Tuesday!


Devon Gray said...

Congrats on the book contract! WOW, that's awesome. I'm going to go check it out. Thanks for sharing the pics from the show. One concern I had with the "smart car", doesn't look like it would come out on the winning end of a freeway tangle. Here in Atlanta we have to think about things like this since interstate 285 is unavoidable. The big rigs can't go through the city, so they have to take this highway around it. I swear, they go 85 mph if they go 5!

Dru said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. I decided not to go this year, but my nephew went and he said all he collected were brochures. The last time I went, I came away with lots of good stuff.

OOh, an excerpt from your next book, I will definitely check it out.

Have a good Sunday.

Mel said...

The Corvette is the best.

Marianne Arkins said...

I love the air car... Jetsons, here we come! LOL...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

Diane Craver said...

Great pictures, Allie - thanks for sharing! I want a new car!

Congrats on your contract.

windycindy said...

Thanks for sharing the car show pictures. How phenomenal! It would be very interesting to see the way they display cars and the cars of the future! The only thing that bothers me about some of the "green" cars is they are like sardine cans. I would not feel safe at all! Unless, of course everyone else was driving something similar. Then, there are always the semis.....Cindi

Allie Boniface said...

I tend to agree on the safety issue of Smart Cars...though they say the crash test ratings show they compete with any smaller size sedans on the road. The bigger problem, as I see it, are the SUVs...they're impossible to see around, they do much more damage in an accident than a smaller car, and many times people who drive them think they're invincible to wrecking anyway. Plus they're gas guzzlers (sorry...can you tell I don't own one??)

Virginia said...

Very cool car show! I loved the smart car, we all need one of those. Do you think it would make us any smarter?