Saturday, April 05, 2008

This is Cool...

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful." ~Albert Schweitzer

So most of my regular readers probably know that I've been participating in the Samhain Spring Showers promotional event over at Coffee Time Romance (if you didn't, you can jump over there right now and take a look at an excerpt of the upcoming One Night in Memphis - I even posted a second excerpt, in the comments section, when readers asked for one...)

Here comes the cool part. I don't usually do a lot of chats or yahoo group excerpt posts, because I really don't have the extra time. It takes a lot to stop in every hour or so, check the comments, respond, etc. Plus I can't access any kind of board or group at work, so Mon-Fri is out anyway.

But I've had fun with the Spring Showers Event, as much as possible, and I've realized how cool is it to chat with actual or potential readers of your book. When I posted excerpts from One Night in Boston, several people commented positively, and said they had to put it on their TBR list. But my favorite comment by far was, "I have this book, and it was great!"

I still get a little heady (and disbelieving) when I hear something like that, that some random person I don't know has bought my book and read it. And liked it!

When I posted my One Night in Memphis excerpt, with the disclaimer that it wouldn't be out in ebook until July, I got actual dismay on the part of some commenters, that they had to wait so long. Definitely a warm fuzzy.

Sorry...I'm blowing my horn too much, maybe. But I just wanted to share. For someone who's spent a lifetime wanting to write and be published, it's pretty cool to have your dreams come true :)


Devon Gray said...

Blow your horn all you like, you deserve it! July is a long time to wait- just remember to give me a reminder because there are a lot of "book thieves" over at the review site. They snatch up the books faster than you can open your inbox. Congratulations on your success!

Dru said...

Keep blowing that horn of yours. You made it happen.

windycindy said...

You deserve to bask in your glory! You put in a lot of hours and work into your books and when people enjoy your work, have fun! Cindi

Virginia said...

Congrats on your success!! You sould be proud of what you do. Lets face it the more you blow your horn the more books you will sell. Word of mouth gets it out there in the public.