Friday, December 19, 2008

The Season for Sharing: Day Two

"We are not in a position in which we have nothing to work with. We already have capacities, talents, direction, missions, and callings." ~Abraham Maslow

Yesterday I blogged about a few cool sites for writers ~ if you didn't get a chance to stop by, scroll down and check them out.

Today, a couple more sites, especially for those of you querying agents:

Agent Query - great, comprehensive site that lists literary agents, their areas of representation, their contact info, their current interests, etc.

Query Tracker - this neat free site provides data about agents & their response times and average number of yes and no responses. Also lets you keep track of your own query process.

Show Me The Money - in case you're wondering how much romance publishers pay (advance + royalties + average earn-out), this is the place to look. Pretty interesting!

Current Word Count for Entwined: 24,626

Yesterday's Fave Sentence: Pinpricks of light dazzled in the darkness, a galaxy of unconsciousness moving in on her swift and silent.


Marianne Arkins said...

Oooh... I like Query Tracker...


Liz said...

Love the sentence! I marked Agent and Show Me The Money in my favorites.