Sunday, December 14, 2008


So, an update or two on the status of my writing:

~Finished the revision of Summer's Song and sent the full ms. to the editor who requested it at Avon.

~Heard from the agent who requested the full ms. of One Night in Napa who said she would "read it as quickly" as she could.

~Received my royalty statement from Samhain which includes print royalties from Jan-June 2008. I'm having a hard time reading and understanding it (as are several of the authors, so apparently the publisher's going to clarify in the next day or two). I guess One Night in Boston sold decently (though who's to say...if you want to talk numbers, email me), but it will be interesting to get the next statement, which will be July - Dec 2008 and cover an entire 6-month period of the book actually being out.

Current Word Count for Entwined: 22,360

Yesterday's Fave Sentence: Natasha studies the papers in front of her, but the words swim like Rorschach ink pictures, and all she can see is the stick with the double blue line through it.


Liz said...

Lot's of good stuff going on for you - hopefully this is the set up for happy news in the New Year!

bucky said...

Liz is HOT!

The Blonde Duck said...

I wrote a book!!!!! It's just a little lulu thing, but I wanted to share. :)