Monday, December 15, 2008

A Very Important Day

"God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December." ~James Matthew Barrie

It's true, today is a very important day.

First, it marks the end of my NaNo efforts - which, you can see, got about 50% of the way to my goal of 50K words in a month. That's OK. I think NaNo is great for writers who have never attempted or completed a whole novel. It shows you that it's possible. But I already know that :) I'll keep going with Entwined, though, and I'll keep posting my progress and fave sentences, because it keeps me on track if I have to be accountable.

Second, it's my birthday. Nope, I'm not telling how old I am (and my mom, who pops in occasionally, is NOT allowed to tell either). The celebration for today includes lunch with hubby and my in-laws, decorating the tree tonight, and quite possibly, large amounts of chocolate :)

I thought it would be interesting to check out what some of those astrology sites have to say, so here you go:

Cafe Astrology has quite a detailed description of what the next year holds for me, concluding that "...You are certainly more enterprising this year, and taking a balanced approach to life, in terms of realistic expectations, is the best approach for maximizing success. This could be challenging at times, since you are likely feeling quite restless. Rebelliousness is a possible downfall. You are more passionate, excitable, and magnetic than ever, and the year is bound to be a very exciting one!"


Birthscopes (quite a sparkly site) tells me that "The December 15th person spends most of their life broadening their horizons. They do this with very little objection from the people around them. This is because Venus, the ruling planet for this day along with Sagittarius's ruling planet Jupiter makes this person very likable. They tend be dreamers and for this reason should guard against being taken advantage of especially in the financial sense. As a mate the December 15th person is loving and values partnerships..."

And FamousBirthdays reminds me that no one terribly notable shares my birthday (this I knew), although Jane Austen's mother was probably in labor, since that grand-dame of the romance genre celebrates her birthday tomorrow!


Also wanted to mention that The Romance Studio is running a terrific "12 Days of Christmas" contest - every day you have the chance to win one of 12 prizes given away by authors. I'll be on there soon, so visit their site to find out all about it!

Current Word Count for Entwined: 23,182

Yesterday's Fave Sentence: If there is anything – if there ever was anything – please call.


Liz said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

MaryF said...

Happy birthday!!!! Have a great one!

Charity said...

Have a great day! Happy Birthday!

Dru said...

Happy Birthday Allie!!!

Have a great day!

Diane Craver said...

Sounds like you'll have a great day, especially with the chocolate!

Happy birthday, Allie!